Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our busy day!

It's 6:30 am, time for a shower, then wash the bottles. Easton is up and ready for his bottle. Diaper change and wash hands, then his bottle. I hear Cole and Caden. They are ready to go. Diapers changed, hands washed (again), big brother Asher is up, good morning kisses to everyone. Waffles and juice for breakfast. Open the laptop and say good morning to the picture of mommy and daddy.

Didn't mean to get the chandelier in the picture, but I have to look up to these two. This pic is from last Saturday. They were headed to Trevor's graduation from California State University Chico.

Now that they are finished with breakfast, wipe up little hands and faces, and it's time for Easton's fruit and cereal. Hands washed and a little snuggling on the couch with everyone and their new blankets. Asher has had his blanket for two years. Grandma just got the other 3 done this month.


Cole and Caden


Runny noses wiped clean. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV. Pajamas off, clothes on. Pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo. Time for Easton's morning nap. If this seems like a run-on paragraph, that's because it is a run-on morning.

We are watching the video of Grandma's kitty, Cooper, playing fetch. Cooper does love to go after the little crochet ball with the bell inside and bring it to me. The boys love the video of our hen, Chick Patty and her two baby chicks, mommy hen is showing them how to eat.

Time for a snack. Goldfish and a fruit snack for the twins, chocolate covered peanut butter granola bar for Asher, then a fruit snack. Clean the hands and faces (again) among other things.

A fight over a toy, tears shed and a little hugging. It's a good thing Fisher Price toys are tuff stuff, they are sure getting a workout here.

Ok, let's see if we can gather for a story.

Easton's up from his nap, dirty diaper changed, hands washed, time for a bottle. Fish sticks in the toaster oven for the bigger boys. Maybe they'll have some applesauce with those.

Ahhh, a moment of silence, while they eat. Let's see, how many times did I hear Asher ask, can we watch a movie?

Asher: Grandma, I want a bologna sandwich, not fish sticks.
Grandma: Asher, you had a bologna sandwich yesterday.
Asher: I still want a bologna sandwich.
Grandma: OK Asher, after you eat these fish sticks and applesauce I'll give you half a bologna sandwich.
Asher: Thanks, Grandma, that's awsomeness. Grandma, if we're out of bologna maybe we can go to the store for more food.
Grandma: Who will watch you while I go to the store?
Asher: We can all go.
Grandma: I don't think we need to go to the store, it would take me longer to get all four of you in your carseats in the van than it would to shop in the store.

Lunch over for the bigger boys, hands and faces washed (boy my hands are sure dry, how many times have I washed them today)?

Time for Easton's vegees. Everyone down for a nap. Empty the dishwasher, wash up the trays from the twins chairs.

A short rest, I know I brought a good book to read.

Wow, that was a quick nap. Snack time. Cole and Caden have a multi grain mixed berry snack bar. Asher has a cupcake. Face and hands washed, trays washed.

Time for Easton's bottle. Caden takes a ball away so Cole plops his head face down on the floor, more tears, more hugs.

Playtime, Cole and Caden are on the floor with baby Easton. Talking to him and smooshing on him. They do love the baby. Giving little pats and hugs. Outside for a walk, everyone holding hands. Just up and down the block.

Easton's ready for a bottle, dinner's in the oven. I'm starting to wilt. Maybe the lasagna will give us all a little energy. Not too much of course so they will go to bed.

How fun, my sister Nancy just called. She is coming from Reno tonight to visit. It will be good to see her. I'm not sure when I saw her last. Possibly two years ago at the reunion in Wellsville. I must have seen her since then though, because I'm sure she has seen the twins.

Easton has had his dinner of cereal. Now just a little playtime and he'll be ready for bed. Bath time for him tomorrow.

Lasagna for the rest of us, can't wait to clean that up...well, it wasn't too bad.

The twins have had a story and are now in bed. Asher and I will read some stories in just a few minutes and then Nancy should get here and I'll put Asher to bed.

We have had a full and busy comes tomorrow. Do you realize that there are 40 little fingers in this house.