Monday, September 22, 2008

Raffle for Callie

My sweet little cousin, Callie Butler (20 months old) is still in the hospital in Phoenix. There is a raffle on her big sister's blog at Go see what is on auction today. Our prayers and thoughts are continually with this little sweetheart.

One of my well-loved baby blankets,
and a dozen burp cloths is up for auction.

In the future I will be posting some of these
on ebay, in a variety of colors.

100% cotton flannel, double sided blanket,
approx. 44" x 44"
6 burp cloths, double sided, approx. 11" x 22"
Pre-washed and double rinsed, ready to use.
Great colors for baby boys and baby girls.
1 blanket and 6 burp cloths, purchase for $35.00.
1 blanket and 12 burp cloths, purchase for $50.00.
Plus shipping, using flat rate box, priority mail.
(right now I think that shipping price is $9.80)
I'll check on that later.
1 blanket and 6 burp cloths.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lonely Days Ahead

The Dadhood goes back to work tomorrow. As much as I love him, I haven't gotten much done this past week with him home. My fault to be sure, I just enjoyed sitting and talking with him, and doing more genealogy research.

Our little squirrel has been back taking as much seed as she can ... haven't seen any baby squirrels yet though.