Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anelia Carter Van Ausdal

I have received a few comments about Anelia. She and her family were amazing. I wanted to let everyone know that the book, "Carter Pioneers of Provo, Utah" compiled by Arthur D. Coleman, is available in a reprint version. I found it at the following link.

The following is copied from the website where you can order the book:

A biographical, genealogical and historical account of the Dominicus and other Carter Families. Born in Maine early in the nineteenth century, Dominicus and his siblings joined the Latter-day Saints in their westward migration, through the Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Platte River valleys and across the Rocky Mountains of North America to the Great Salt Lake Basin and Provo, Utah.

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                             Page
 Fly page                                                                  i
 Verso page                                                              ii
 Prayer                                                                    iii
 What They Say                                                         iv
 Dedication                                                               v
 Two Carter Family Queries                                        vi
 Table of Contents                                                   vii
 Acknowledgments                                                   ix
 Carter Relationship Chart                                         x
 Letter to Carter Progeny                                         1
 Foreword                                                              5
 Introduction--The Provo, Utah Area                          7
 Timpanogotizis (Indians, River, Mountain, Lake, Valley) 8
 Etienne Provost & Early Trappers                            11
 Pioneer Mormon Exploration & Settlement               16
 Mount Timpanogos --Hike and Cave                         17
 The Geneva Steel Plant & Early Iron Works              18
 Some Ramblings about the Carter Name                  22
 Part I Historical Sequence --A Chronology of the Carter Family
 Prehistory and Biblical Times                                 24
 Early English and American Times                           29
 1767- 1966--Two hundred years from Early Maine to Present-day Utah 32
 Part II Miscellaneous Biography--Several Biographies of Carter Family Members                                                               80
 Early Ancestors in New England                                81
 Dominicus Carter 1806 - 1884                                   87
 Mary Durfee Carter's Parents' Story                         104
 Polly Miner Carter's Parents' Story                           115
 William Furlsbury Carter 1811 - 1888                         125
 John "H" Carter of Carterville 1816 - 1896                133
 Mother Hannah Knight Libby Carter 1786 - I867          137
 Part III Genealogical Groups - -Coded Listings of John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter's Progeny                                           146
 Chapter 1 Dominicus and Lydia Smith Carter              147
 Chapter 2 Dominicus and Sophrona Babcock Carter   158
 Chapter 3 Dominicus and Sylvia Ameretta Mecham Carter 159
 Chapter 4 Dominicus and Mary Durfee Carter            191
 Chapter 5 Dominicus and Polly Miner Carter              216
 Chapter 6 Dominicus and Elizabeth Brown Carter      226
 Chapter 7 Dominicus and Caroline Maria Hubbard Carter  247
 Chapter 8 Dominicus and Francis "Fannie" Nash Carter   251
 Chapter 9 Almira Carter and Alvah Baron Tripp              257
 Chapter 10 Hannah Carter and Aaron Mereon York        258
 Chapter 11 William Furlsbury and Cordella Hannah Mecham Carter   260
 Chapter 12 William Furlsbury and Sarah York Carter       260
 Chapter 13 William Furlsbury and Roxena Mecham Carter   308
 Chapter 14 William Furlsbury and Mary Elizabeth Howard Carter  346
 Chapter 15 William Furlsbusy and Sally Ann Mecham Carter  371
 Chapter 16 Phillip Libby and Martha Eames York Carter      405
 Chapter 17 John Harrison Carter (unmarried)                   405
 Chapter 18 John "H" and Elizabeth Runnells Sweat Carter   406
 Chapter 19 John "H" and Sophia Eldora Sweat Carter        412
 Chapter 20 Eliza Ann Carter and James Chauncey Snow     425
 Chapter 21 Richard and Hannah Parker Carter                467
 Chapter 22 Mary Jane Carter and James Dooley              479
 Chapter 23 Rufus Garter (unmarried)                            479
 Conclusion                                                                480
 Addendum                                                                 484

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